About this Site: Supporting Caregivers

Caregivers Network was formed by Coralyn Liscinski for the purpose of supporting caregivers and thus alleviating the caregiving crisis in which we find ourselves. Coralyn and the helpers she has employed, along with the volunteers who give of their time and talents so generously, are endeavoring to prevent burnout of caregivers by providing information, encouragement, inspiration, and general support (both moral and practical via this site). We do our best to provide accurate and truthful information via articles; however, each person should use their own judgment about their health and situation as well as the health and situation of the person they are caring for. Personal doctors and other professionals should be consulted when appropriate.

Who are the caregivers? Caregivers include adults caring for elderly parents as well as people caring for someone with a disability. The care does not have to be 24/7 or even 40 hours per week. We hope to support any caregiver who needs support.

Laying down one’s life for another means dying for someone else. While caregivers are not choosing to physically die for someone else, they are giving up part, and at times a big part, of their lives for someone else. That is why caregiving is loving in a very big way. We want every caregiver to know that they are some of the heroines and heroes of our world today.

Motto: The greatest love is shown when one lays down their own life for someone else.



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