Join Caregivers Network

and find the joy in giving and receiving encouragement and helpful information.

Recruit others in your geographic area to join and network to help each other in practical ways as well.

Are you feeling stressed and sometimes downright depressed due to caregiving demands placed on you? Are you experiencing caregiver burnout or compassion fatigue? Join Caregivers Network to find emotional support from others who truly understand as well as information that might help you through difficult times. You may also discover that encouraging others is one of the best ways to counter your negative emotions, as it puts your mind on someone else’s difficulties rather than your own; and you feel good about helping someone who faces some of your same challenges.

Opportunities Provided by Membership

  1. Becoming part of a group of caregivers who are in a similar situation to yours, such as the Caring for Parents Group or the Caring for Someone with a Neurological or Developmental Disability Group, as well as other groups
  2. Creating your own profile and learning about and connecting with others in the network on their profiles
  3. Reading helpful tips posted by others in topical forums related to various caregiving situations
  4. Starting your own blog as part of the site. Writing about one’s daily life can be very cathartic for some.
  5. Encouraging others in your group and through the forums which can ease your own negative emotions
  6. Obtaining helpful information from topical posts
  7. Feeling connected to people who understand, which can counter feelings of isolation and loneliness
  8. Chatting in a chat room with other caregivers
  9. Making use of a question / answer forum or the message board

Come be a part of making the lives of caregivers better, including your own life.

If you are the first person in your zipcode to join, you will receive 2 years for the price of one. Also, for each person you refer to the site who joins, you will receive an extra year of membership free of charge.

(If the $25 annual fee is a financial burden for you, feel free to apply for a free membership. We want everyone who might benefit from our site to have that opportunity.)